BigCommerce Ecommerce platform review


The BigCommerce Ecommerce platform is simply brimming with appealing and useful features that will not fail to attract online stores. With a responsive 24/7 customer service, well over one hundred and fifty integrated apps and counting, effective SEO tools that are cutting edge and help you to get noticed by the likes of Google, this Ecommerce platform is out to impress. Their offering is extensive to cater equally well for young promising start-up online stores as well as highly respected multinational companies.  Beyond the existing 95,000 online stores already powered by BigCommerce, a simple look at their list of major clients such as Toyota and Gibson should be enough to spark your interest. From the free trial offer through five levels of plans, every eventuality and need can be catered for BigCommerce to grow in tandem with each individual online store. Should your business be one day so successful, you can have access to unlimited product listings and storage; ideal for automotive parts online stores.

BigCommerce Ecommerce platform review

BigCommerce platform performance and templates

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce employs over 370 employees and is based out of Austin, Texas with a further two offices in San Francisco and Sydney, Australia. Providing a reliable Ecommerce platform to over 95,000 customers, it operates across over 60 countries and counting processing north of 14 million transactions with a combined value in excess of $2 billion as of 2015.

Choice is the name of the game at BigCommerce. Choose from among over 100 professionally crafted templates that are furthermore customizable to suit your unique selling point and build your brand. Your Ecommerce site can also incorporate personalized code be it CSS or HTML. Professional designers are also available should you wish to help you define your uniqueness even further. Unlimited product images can be uploaded at high resolution, giving your customers the enviable option to zoom in for added detail. Such a feature is not always available across competing Ecommerce platform providers or if so comes at an added cost to you. These are the subtle differences that make the difference between the number of visitors to your store and the number of sales conversions. Images are adaptable to fit the screen depending on the customer’s preferred platform, whether they choose to purchase from your store through their mobile, tablet or laptop. BigCommercestacks the deck in your favor in order to optimize conversions. In a recent independent IPSOS survey, BigCommerce stores were shown to grow at an average annual rate of 28% which is double that of a majority of the competing Ecommerce platform providers.

BigCommerce takes Ecommerce hosting seriously

Platform hosting is the sine quo non element of Ecommerce that can determine whether you ultimately succeed or fail. At BigCommerce they have taken this to heart, providing their customers with a market-leading uptime average that approaches perfection at over 99.99%. Add to this, unlimited bandwidth from the outset which is also offered across the board from the basic plan to the most complete package. Thus should you choose to go with the BigCommerce platform, you are ensured such a level of service from the outset.

To further comfort customers, BigCommerce have also built into their system a number of daily scheduled automatic data backups that cover every aspect of the client journey from online orders to customer details as well as product listings and photos. To further assure that customers’ information is secure, an IT security team monitors the platform around the clock every day of the year.

A wide variety of tools and product options

BigCommerce offer clients a variety of tools that cover everything from marketing to products to help grow your customer base at a much faster rate. Worthwhile product options include personalized promotional plans combined with coupons fully adaptable to your specifications. Blogs and newsletters enable you to target your customers on an individual level that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. Combine this with automated SEO recommendations that make sure your marketing efforts get picked up by Google and it is easy to see how BigCommerce can boast to be ahead of the field when it comes to helping you grow your online store year in and year out.

Diverse payment provider possibilities

Every possible variation of payment provider is accepted through the BigCommerce platform, short of sending cash through the post. Credit cards, e-checks and popular e-Wallets are all accepted. Complete integration guarantees optimal security and peace of mind for your end customer when placing his or her order. Whichever plan you choose comes equipped with a SSL certificate.

Quality of offer and scalability

The optimal uptime and round the clock securitization of the platform, the tools on offer across the various plans on offer all go to prove the quality of this Ecommerce platform. The absence of unforeseen fees that certain other platforms apply allows you to forecast profit and growth reliably and upscale your business when necessary.