RPMWare Ecommerce Platform Review


RPMWare is an Ecommerce platform that is dedicated to the automotive specialty parts market.
This fact alone distinguishes it from most of the Ecommerce platforms reviewed here at Automotive Ecommerce. Although it may not be one of the most popular nor profitable Ecommerce platforms that we have reviewed to date, we believe here at Automotive Ecommerce that this very fact should be taken into account by our readers.

RPMWare specializes in online automotive specialty parts

If I may take the liberty to paraphrase what RPMWare points out themselves on their website in their marketing jargon, RPMWare is formed of a highly specialized team that are all automotive parts industry veterans originating from various branches of the industry such as manufacturers, warehouse distributors and performance shops. Thus RPMWare is in an optimal position to offer their clients finely tuned software applications that have been specifically designed for the automotive specialty parts industry. They are aware of the specific challenges and requirements of the automotive aftersales market.

This is a distinction and advantage that can play in your favor when choosing which Ecommerce platform to trust, compared with more generic Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Such Ecommerce platforms may have advantages when it comes to economies of scale as well as scalability, but should you need personal assistance along the way you may feel more comfortable dealing with customer service personnel that are dedicated to your industry and can understand the exact issues you are facing because they have had to face them in the past.

RPMware ecommerce

Specific complexities of the automotive specialty parts industry

The Ecommerce automotive parts industry throws up a number of challenges and hurdles for those seeking to enter the market. One of the key difficulties that is obvious from the outset is the diversity and sheer volume of automotive parts available on the market which differ from one automotive brand to another. There are the parts necessary for servicing vehicles on the one hand, and then for the incredibly popular domestic custom-build market there are a seemingly limitless number of parts for sale that allow customers to customize their individual vehicles in a very personal way.

Mechanics and salesmen must have a vast knowledge of the availability of parts in the various categories as well as which parts fit which vehicles. With the sheer number of parts on the market running into the millions and new ones entering the market all the time, added to the staggering declination of vehicle brands and models on the domestic market alone, it can be very difficult to keep track let alone manage such a high volume of information.

What does RPMWare offer its customers?

The essence of the RPMWare offering is a pre-loaded Ecommerce platform squarely targeted at automotive parts retailers and tailor-made for performance shops. It is in effect a turn-key solution for new and existing automotive parts resellers that are looking for a highly specialized Ecommerce platform tailored to their specific needs and products and that allows you to put in place rapidly and effectively an online store that is immediately operational and competitive. RPMWare offers their customers an efficient product search option that enables your end user to easily navigate your online store and find the products they are looking to purchase without the need to manually search through endless subpages of catalogs. Furthermore, RPMWare also provides data and catalog management services for the benefit of automotive parts distributors and manufacturers.

RPMWare pricing and packages on offer

RPMWare offers customers many ways of personalizing their online store to project your own branding and USP to the world. Depending on whether or not you are a techno geek with programming experience, RPMWare allows you to choose from a number of different plans that take into account your needs and technical ability. You can choose between a simple CSS plan at $399 that allows you to customize colors and background image, font sizes and effects. If you need more control, you can sign up for the full package at $999 that does all of the above but also lets you include a hand-coded header with your logo as well as relevant links and a hand-coded footer for images, links and text that you provide as well as five website pages containing the content of your choosing.

Although RPMWare may not have the cachet or reputation of many of the other Ecommerce platforms reviewed here at Automotive Ecommerce, they do offer a solid product that is well tailored to the specificities of the automotive specialty parts industry along with the expertise and industry knowledge and that should never be overlooked.