Shopping Cart Elite Ecommerce Platform review

The more hopeful dreamers among us may have the false impression when they first venture into the world of Ecommerce that they are going to be able to find the ultimate Ecommerce software, enabling them to simply sit back and automate the whole process while they fire off a few emails and plan their course to financial freedom. Well we can all dream of such scenarios.

When we first took a look at Shopping Cart Elite here at Automotive Ecommerce, we were initially very impressed with the software and its level of automation. Had we discovered the holy grail of Ecommerce platforms or was it all too good to be true?

Shopping Cart Elite was founded back in 2007 at the dawn of Ecommerce, by two brothers whose aim was to automate as many of the mundane and repetitive tasks associated with online stores as possible as well as some of the less mundane which leads to some truly unique features that can appear remarkably creative on paper. One such feature that is definitely worth a mention is the ability of the Shopping Cart Elite Ecommerce software to choose the option of scanning your main competitors in order to monitor the prices of products you are competing on, much like an old fashioned private detective would do, and automatically modify your prices within preset parameters to ensure your online store remains competitive without selling at a loss. This is one of the highlight features that Shopping Cart Elite pride themselves on to sell their product to their clients. On a more down to earth level, tedious tasks such as data entry are fully automated. This automated feature can literally save you countless man hours by enabling vast quantities of product information data to be uploaded painlessly and with minimal effort.

Shopping Cart Elite usability

With great anticipation, and some trepidation I may add, the team at Automotive Ecommerce decided to put the Shopping Cart Elite software to the test to gauge for ourselves whether it is the technological panacea they make it out to be having read the marketing spiel on their website.

Could it be as easy as they make it out to be, or is it simply too good to be true? The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. So that is exactly what we did. Unfortunately as it turned out, we had reason to be wary. For legal reasons I must state that this was only our personal experience, but here at Automotive Ecommerce, we will be keeping our eyes peeled to see if Shopping Cart Elite can resolve the numerous glitches that came to light in the course of our test trial. When that day comes, we will warmly recommend their services to you. But until then we must tell you about the various hurdles that we came up against.

Auto Ecommerce Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite prices and hidden costs

From the outset, despite enticing newcomers with a “Start your 14-day free trial”, we were required to enter credit card details in order to complete the registration process. To add insult to injury, the credit card was debited 10 days after the registration rather than the 14 advertised on their website. Through the registration process, data is gathered and various pricing plans are suggested. Prices vary from the Startup Lite version from $99 per month to a staggering $1,799 for the Enterprise plan that offers SEO tools, CRM, predictive analytics, warehousing, accounting, email marketing and much more besides.

It is unclear also whether the individual versions that you can sign up for each offer unlimited bandwidth as well as storage. In some cases a limit of 25GB was suggested while in others the bandwidth had no such constraints. We also experienced trouble trying to get the setup wizard to operate.

Web-hosting with Shopping Cart Elite

The default offering is cloud-based although it is possible to customize the software by obtaining a downloadable version; however this only runs on the Windows platform at present.The cloud-based version can be accessed through any platform operating an updated web browser, but we would not recommend attempting to access the admin through a mobile device. Finally the software is not compatible with Amazon or eBay.

What businesses are Shopping Cart Elite aimed at?

Given the variety of prices available for the various versions, certain small businesses could be tempted. However the services that differentiate Shopping Cart Elite from other software platforms are only available in the top tier versions that are situated in the price range of larger companies.

In conclusion, unless you are able to pay top dollar to benefit from all the features that Shopping Cart Elite has to offer, we suggest that you take a look at some of our other reviews before making up your mind.