Volusion Ecommerce Platform Review


Volusion has been in operation for fifteen years. It is in the business of offering clients an Ecommerce turnkey solution from top to bottom that is very competitive. This can be demonstrated by the very fact that they have already been doing so for a full fifteen years. In an aim to conquer a larger market share, they streamlined their pricing plans in 2015 in order to appeal to businesses of all sizes from start-ups to established international companies. With an option of four payment plans that are free of transaction fees while making available unlimited storage, they seek to accompany their clients on the road to Ecommerce success at a competitive price.

Company culture and background

With an ever growing number of dedicated employees that number close to 400, they offer software solutions to over 40,000 online Ecommerce stores and have processed over $21 billion in sales worldwide since they started operations. They have a culture code that covers such important issues as helping founders to grow, keeping all operations simple and efficient, solving client problems, putting people first, taking ownership while favoring autonomy and always being transparent. They also have a foundation that helps registered charities by offering their time, software and sharing revenue while encouraging employees, partners and customers to also do so.

While this may just sound like marketing jargon to some, their longevity and success prove that there must be something to this winning formula. With big name international clients and reviews in such reputable organizations as The New York Times and Entrepreneur, let’s see what makes them so successful.

Volusion Auto Ecommerce Review

Services and features offered

Volusion offers their clients a wide variety of tools and features. With a large number of different options for hosting as well as tools for designing your unique website, their accent is clearly on versatility and ease-of-use. With a very diverse and exhaustive choice of templates to choose from, these can then be personalized to your unique concept and branding. As with other Ecommerce platforms reviewed on our website, for the more technical among you or with the help of third party web designers, it is of course possible to include HTML code to further distinguish your product from the cut-throat competition of automotive parts Ecommerce that we at Automotive Ecommerce are concerned with. Conceiving your personalized website is further helped by a design wizard that takes you through the process step-by-step to ensure you do not miss a trick.

Any variety and combination of content can further be added to your website, from any number of products to specific categories or articles, different titles and various sections for the different content. Each plan is compatible with mobile browsers, enabling you to rapidly grow your online business by allowing your customers to browse and purchase your products directly from their smartphones. Social media tools are also a valuable addition to the Volusion Ecommerce platform that is compatible with Facebook and in certain cases eBay as well as API access that means you can develop applications also. SEO tools also assist in making your online store more visible to your customer base.

Hosting options and value for money

With a very high quality offering of hosting options across a choice of four different plans, Volusion is geared towards offering their clients tailored options that ensure you only pay for what you need. With data transfer rates and monthly bandwidths that reach 40GB and as many products as you can dream of on the premier plan and no hidden fees to worry about. Should you grow your business to the point where you reach the limits of the premier plan, you can contact Volusion and ask about their Entreprise Plan that caters for Volusion’s largest clients such as The Chicago Tribune and Motorola.

Whether you start off small with plans to grow organically, or want to start big with thousands of different products, you will find a plan adapted to your business model and able to cope with your growth schedule. With their added focus on Social Media platforms, Volusion do have an offering that more than competes with the competition from the basic plan to the top plan. An Ecommerce site that works on a mobile browser with the same ease as on a laptop will help you grow your business in record time. With the dynamic Volusion team behind you every step of the way, continually working to stay ahead of the technological curve to make sure they are offering you the most up-to-date solutions, you can rest easy at night that your business is in good hands.