Web Shop Manager Ecommerce Platform Review

Web Shop Manager Ecommerce Platform Review

Web Shop Manager Ecommerce platform is specifically aimed at selling automotive parts through their online platform. As a product specialist, they offer the extremely important feature that is the search option. Customers are able to enter product name and details into the relevant field to pinpoint their search rather than trawling through endless pages of irrelevant information that would only succeed in making them lose patience and seek their product elsewhere. The Web Shop Manager Ecommerce platform equally enables customers to include feedback which is an invaluable tool for your online shop when it comes to improving customer service and offering these same customers an all-round better customer experience. It is in part due to such features that the Web Shop Manager platform features among one of our favorite options in addition to very nice automotive web design.

Variety of product options

Such diverse unique features and tools will help you to outpace your competition in such a competitive online marketplace as that of automotive parts. Such features as well as many more will greatly simplify the customer experience with its ability to narrow the search to manufacturer, specific models as well as the year of manufacture.

Auto Ecommerce Review Web Shop Manager

Secure payment provider possibilities

The Web Shop Manager Ecommerce platform provides a 256-bit SSL security that ensures optimal secure payments coupled with a static URL address. Data backup is also fully automated which is a reassuring addition that means you can sleep tight at night without having nightmares of technical glitches that might cost you your existing customer base. The potential threat of fraud is also dealt with thanks to the location restriction feature. All applicable payment methods are available to customers from credit cards to e-wallets such as PayPal. These options further add to the sense of security with regards to online transactions. Customizable tax rates, taking into consideration the shipping destination facilitate nationwide commerce. Price matching, discounts and quotes are all valuable additional features that make Web Shop Manager an attractive option when you are considering setting up a website squarely aimed at the automotive parts online market.

Useful features for online automotive parts sales

Furthermore to the possibility to search individual parts directly, Web Shop Manager offers a number of quite unique characteristics such as the option to maintain a blog on changes in the automotive industry that will keep them abreast as well as offer you a powerful marketing tool for establishing a loyal following, offering useful information as well as access to the products they require. As it is widely accepted and acknowledged these days, an image is worth a thousand words, and the ability to upload image galleries goes a long way to converting searches into sales. With the number of products on offer across the automotive parts spectrum, the bulk upload option is a welcome feature that saves you invaluable time, keeping your website fresh and up-to-date with all the latest products available.

As mentioned previously, the automatic data backup facility assures you will never lose valuable data information. However should you ever need technical assistance, Web Shop Manager staff is always available to help and very knowledgeable when it comes to the automotive parts market. They retain their own customer service in-house to ensure quality control. An in-depth FAQ page is available on their website together with exhaustive online tutorials covering aspects such as advice for increasing your conversion rate, how to use key metrics to calculate and improve your ROI and marketing processes that will help boost sales by keeping you abreast of trends and ahead of your competitors.

There is also a well maintained eCommerce blog and new section on their website that is a continual source of sound business advice from how to create sales content to generating sales through social media platforms to best practice for dealing with negative online reviews. Some recent topics include how to add ecommerce to an existing website, choosing the best niche ecommerce ideas, and online shopping vs in store shopping.

Should this not be sufficient and you need some one-on-one guidance, you can reach them by telephone as well as via live chat and email. Thanks to their strict in-house customer service policy, you can rest assured that you will always find a helpful ear at the end of the telephone, live chat or email.

All in all, with the professional back-up of automotive parts specialists and features and tweaks that are calibrated to respond to the needs and requirements of the Ecommerce automotive online sales market such as a simple yet powerful product search option, we have no hesitation in recommending Web Shop Manager.